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Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young is a driven, charismatic and passionate associate broker at Key Real Estate Solutions.

Benjamin resides in Kennesaw Georgia with his wife. He appreciates the suburban lifestyle that living in this area provides while allowing him easy accessibility to surrounding cities. Benjamin has many years of experience in various parts of north, south, and metro Atlanta.

Benjamin is particularly focused on short sales, foreclosure, commercial, rentals, HUD, NSP Homes, 1st time buyers and residential, as well as working with real estate investors and collaborating with an outstanding team of lawyers, lenders and inspectors.

Benjamin’s diligence has allowed him much success, especially during the first years of his real estate career. After having started right in the middle of the housing crisis, Benjamin’s remarkable people and negotiating skills helped him to build a strong referral client base and a rapport with investors.

His efforts allowed his clients to save their homes and many to become first time homeowners. Benjamin has a client-oriented mindset; he educates his clients making sure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to successfully secure the home of their dreams all while never compromising their living standards! Benjamin believes in exceeding people’s own expectations!

Benjamin’s understanding of real estate market dynamics on a global, local, and personal scale contributes significantly to the overall home buying experience. Prior to becoming an agent Benjamin spent years in property management where he acquired remodeling skills and knowledge about home safety and hazards. He presently utilizes these skills to assure the homes selected meets the client’s needs.

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