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    Warhammer Weekly
    12-18-17 7:00 pm - Heron House
    Heroic Gaming Group

    What is Warhammer? Warhammer is a tabletop battle game which puts players in command of armies of valiant humans, noble elves, savage orcs or a variety of twisted and monstrous creatures. Players collect forces of miniature plastic models, all...

    Current Events and Worldviews
    12-18-17 7:00 pm - Heron House
    Woodstock Questioners Meetup

    Since snow caused the last time to be canceled and since the other one is set for Christmas Eve, this one is a combination of the two.  Potential, but not definite, topics could include: In a seemingly pluralistic society, how does that affect...

    Sitting and Dharma Talk
    12-18-17 7:00 pm - Heron House
    Roswell Insight Meditation

    Please join us at the Roswell Insight Meditation Community, on Monday evenings. For those new to insight meditation, please arrive at 6:30, and instruction will be provided. We will join at 7:00 in the Dharma hall for a period of silent...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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